Black Friday is a time when everyone expects to make the big bucks. And for most, that’s true. And just to be clear, Onnit’s Black Friday / Cyber Monday game was stronger than ever in 2018. But for Onnit, it’s only one of their major yearly sales.

Every year, Onnit holds a Semi-Annual Sale. This year’s goal?

Beat. Black. Friday.

And guess what? Mission accomplished.

Fun fact: Email marketing was responsible for 35 - 40% of daily and overall sales.

Want to hear something even crazier?

We sent 29% less emails than during Black Friday. And yes, we know what you’re thinking… there’s less competition during the Semi-Annual Sale and we’ll give you that. But tell me this, if you could have a second sale that’s as big as Black Friday, would you?

…. we rest our case.

How did we do it?

  • Targeted product-specific & interest-based email segments

  • Utilizing HubSpot’s Smart Content features


  • 29% decrease in total email sends

  • 5.6% increase in CTOR

  • Beat Black Friday KPIs


Targeted Email Sends

Blanket emails sends all the time, every time is a pre-school method. HubSpot’s Smart Content capabilities allow us to dynamically show the right message to the right person. Additionally, hyper-targeted sends are proven to increase CTOR.

In comparison to their Black Friday sale, we sent 29% less email and greatly increased the revenue attributed to email. HubSpot provides us the ability to segment our audiences to personalize the content we’re sending leading to an improved experience with the Onnit brand.

Email marketing is an art form. It’s important to be strategic, pointed, and personalized with content. Make sure you’re only sending your leads valuable and relevant content. Otherwise you’re opening your email deliverability up to increased chances of unsubscribes, being marked as spam, and losing potential customers.

Good Joo Joo has helped drastically improve our email marketing game. Their in-depth knowledge of HubSpot has made advanced automations easy. They are extremely collaborative and feel like a natural extension of my marketing team.
— Keith Sivera, VP of Marketing at ONNIT


Good Joo Joo functions as an extension of the Onnit marketing team and we work closely together with an open line of communication. We effectively communicate to be able to produce highly optimized and effective email campaigns that provide an ROI.

So, what are you waiting for? Get yourself some Good Joo Joo.

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