We create holistic marketing solutions based on ROI for best-in-class fitness brands.

Stand out from your competitors with an air tight strategy and wit as good as your cardiac threshold or flying crow pose (whichever is your jam).



Email Campaigns

Who are your people & how do you connect with them? We help clients establish a good cadence for connecting with their members and create engaging content so your email marketing game is as solid as your morning smoothing game. And you don't have to re-invent the wheel each time you do a newsletter.

Facebook & Instagram Ads

Getting people in the door isn't the problem. It's getting the right people. We're experts at leveraging digital tools to strategically target people interested in your services. We'll get their bodies through the door, you make them sweaty. It's our favorite recipe for success and we know from experience, it'll help you thrive.

SEM & SEO Optimization

You can run Facebook ads all day, but what is your tribe looking for on Google? And, what do they care about? We're experts at analyzing competitive landscapes and audience demographics. We'll figure out what potential members are looking for on the interwebs and how you can get in front of them.


"Having Good Joo Joo in the holster means I get to work on the parts of my business that I love while all that crappy digital advertising stuff is sorted out... also has great contacts within the community that have set up some awesome partnership opportunities for us. Oh and she wrecks meetings with important people that I need to impress, so that's pretty freakin awesome. All in all, a powerful weapon that has changed the game for us at Black Swan Yoga!"

- Noah Villalobos, Director at Black Swan Yoga


Proven results for: 

Yoga Studios
High End Gyms
Cycling Studios
Martial Arts