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Entrepreneurs: We're startup veterans. You may be an entrepreneur with a great vision, product, and vast knowledge about your industry. Usually at this stage, business owners understand very little about the constantly evolving world of digital acquisition & CRM because you're focused on the nuts and bolts of the business.  Sound about right??

The GJJ approach with early stage companies is both consultative and hands on. We'll work with you to understand your goals, audience, demographics and more. Our game plans for small companies usually encompasses a series of quick & dirty tests to figure out all of your best performing assets, pair them together & get you a positive return on ad spend as soon as possible as well as identifying when, how, and at what cadence you should be connecting with your list. Interested?

SMBs: So it's not your first rodeo? Awesome. We'll audit your current performance and discuss opportunities for growth. No training wheels, no BS -- just performance with the numbers to back it up.

The GJJ approach with SMBs can work with your organization in tandem or can function in a silo to achieve additional growth on top of your already (hopefully) stellar metrics. Let's taco 'bout it before someone in the team meeting gets side eye for no longer achieving "hockey stick" growth.


CRM & Email Automation

Digital Advertising

  • Facebook & Instagram

  • Google Adwords

  • Snapchat

  • Pinterest

  • Twitter

  • LinkedIn

  • Amazon

  • Bing

Brand & Strategy

  • Launch Strategy

  • Defining Voice & Tone

  • Persona Exploration

  • Website Audits

  • Competitive Analysis

  • Attribution Modeling

  • Landing Page Optimization

  • Google Analytics Optimization

HubSpot Gold Agency Partner

And If You Don’t Know? Now You Know

Good Joo Joo is a HubSpot Agency Gold Partner—our team holds a variety of HubSpot Certifications so you know you’re in good hands.



Did We Mention?

Our sister agency, Ads Inside, was 1 of the first 10 agencies in the U.S. to earn the Facebook Marketing Consultant Partner badge.

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Great Things Clients Said...

Alex has the experience and relationships to execute on a broad range of marketing initiatives. Branding, email campaigns, cross-promotions, social media, search advertising, marketing stunts, copy writing, PR... she covers all of the bases that you’d look for in a marketing ninja. Great communicator and extremely efficient with project management. She gets results!
— Nick Anderson, Brand Director @ Resignation Media

Digital Advertising Marketing Agency

Build a trusted brand, grow your business, increase sales and automate important marketing workflows by teaming up with a premier digital advertising agency. Here at Good Joo Joo, we have an experienced, dedicated and highly skilled team of digital marketing professionals that are ready to move the needle for your business.

We specialize in working with all types of businesses, but especially thrive when dealing with companies that have an e-commerce component. Businesses that belong to the e-commerce space rely on a comprehensive and effective approach to marketing and advertising in order to nurture buyers.

Through digital marketing automation that is fueled by detailed data about your audience, Good Joo Joo is ready to grow your business — here’s how.

About our marketing automation agency

HubSpot is one of our marketing tools of choice. This is a platform where you can bring all of your marketing tools together in one spot. You can manage everything from email marketing, social media, a blog, landing pages, search engine optimization and more.

Good Joo Joo proudly stands as a HubSpot Gold Partner agency, providing our clients with an extensive knowledge that allows us to fully utilize the many features and capabilities of HubSpot.

Through a comprehensive approach to digital marketing, our digital advertising agency will work to:

  • Develop a brand and gain recognition in the marketplace. We have a whole host of inbound marketing tools in our virtual toolbox and we’ll work to create content that falls in line with your company’s values and mission.

  • Drive traffic to your website and nurture visitors into paid clients. This is done through tailored, personal messaging in your communication. With HubSpot, you’re able to track who is visiting your website and to what degree they have engaged with your company. This allows you to segment your audience and provide strategic smart content to every single lead .

  • Support paid customers and develop brand loyalty. Getting a lead to buy your product or service isn’t the end game — you will want to provide them with an amazing experience that makes them fall in love with your business. Through digital marketing automation, our team is able to provide your customers with a great experience.

At Good Joo Joo, we’re fixated on maximizing your return on ad spend, which is why we will regularly sit down with you to examine your ROI. You will be assigned to a dedicated account manager that will be responsive to your questions and concerns.

We’re ready to grow your business!

From email marketing to advertising on all the major social media channels, our team is ready to put our rich arsenal of marketing tools to work for your company. Get started by connecting with our digital advertising agency.