The more data you have about your audience, the more effective your marketing efforts will be, which is why HubSpot e-commerce integration with Shopify is a powerful resource.

Here at Good Joo Joo, we’re a digital marketing agency that specializes in working with the HubSpot marketing platform and helping e-commerce businesses to grow their companies with more effective and efficient marketing practices.

Understand your audience with HubSpot e-commerce inbound marketing 

When you don’t know much about your audience, your marketing campaigns become a guessing game — an expensive one. Instead of trying to hit a moving target, you can use HubSpot for your e-commerce marketing and benefit from the detailed data at your fingertips.

Through sophisticated reporting features, you are able to track who visits your company’s website or online store and what they do while they’re there. You can also track a person’s level of engagement with promotional emails, social media ads and more.

With all this information, you are able to identify which segments of your audience are the closest to making a purchase and which ones are still far from it. By segmenting your audience, you can tailor your inbound marketing to each, making communication that much more effective.

HubSpot’s e-commerce integration with Shopify is designed to nurture buyers by providing them with personal communication and a positive experience throughout their journey with your business.

Strategize. Automate. Grow.

Here at Good Joo Joo, we are a HubSpot Gold Partner agency with a strong track record of growing businesses of all different industries. We provide our clients with a dedicated account manager to serve as their responsive contact.

We meet with our clients on a weekly basis and regularly review ROI reports so that you can see how our agency is moving the needle for your business. Let our team show you the benefits and results that come with HubSpot e-commerce integration with Shopify.