If you are in the e-commerce business and looking for a way to grow your company through increased sales, then connect with the team at Good Joo Joo and learn about Hubspot’s Shopify integration marketing options     .

Our team of savvy digital marketing professionals specialize in working with e-commerce businesses to find ways to remedy stagnant, or nonexistent growth. And, the answer lies in the powerful digital marketing tool called HubSpot.

Garner attention and drive traffic to your online store     

With HubSpot’s Shopify integration for marketing automation, we can manage your entire marketing strategy conveniently from HubSpot. In fact, Good Joo Joo stands as a HubSpot Gold Partner agency, underscoring our experience and deep knowledge of this important tool.

Through HubSpot, you are able to hatch comprehensive inbound marketing campaigns. Inbound marketing is highly effective in building brand awareness, generating interest and ultimately bringing in new potential clients to convert them to paid customers. These can include:

  • Email marketing

  • Content marketing

  • Social media advertising

  • And more

With Good Joo Joo and HubSpot’s Shopify integration, you can sync all of you store’s data into HubSpot, where it’s easy to work with and implement. This provides your business with a trove of valuable data that allows your company to personalize communications with a variety of segments and automate it in the process, making it efficient and easy.

In a sense, we’re able to put important marketing processes on autopilot.

Grow your business the right way with HubSpot and Shopify marketing automation

The staff at Good Joo Joo wants to optimize the value of your ad spend and make sure that your marketing dollars are actually doing something to move the needle for your business. 

Connect with our team and let’s talk about the HubSpot Shopify integration and explore ways in which you can grow your ecommerce business.