Welcome to Good Joo Joo, where we specialize in inbound marketing automation that will help your business meet its goals     .

Inbound marketing is the form of choice for so many businesses here in Austin, and around the country. Through powerful tactics like email marketing and content marketing, you are able to bring attention to your brand and empowering your prospects with the information they are looking for to make a purchasing decision.

Good Joo Joo can lend a hand with all of your digital marketing needs, including inbound email marketing, where we will make the most out of your emails, keeping them on brand and tailored to audience segment you’re targeting.

Leverage the benefits of inbound marketing — Good Joo Joo makes it streamlined and easy

There is a reason that inbound marketing is so effective for small businesses. With tools like inbound email automation, you are able to:

  • Increase visibility and awareness for your brand. Thanks to the power of social media, even tiny businesses have a worldwide reach.

  • Build trust and credibility. Outbound marketing is often considered to be in-your-face, while inbound marketing allows your clients to digest the information at their leisure, giving them the feeling of being in control of their purchasing decisions.

  • Establish communication that is personal. When you work with Good Joo Joo for inbound marketing automation, we help you tailor your messaging to fit the needs of clients that are in all stages of their buying journey. You’re able to help the prospect along from the moment they stumble upon your website to after they make a purchase.

Good Joo Joo is skilled in operating our inbound email marketing, social media advertising and other services through HubSpot, which brings all digital marketing tools together under one platform. We are a HubSpot Gold Partner agency and will bring automation and efficiency to your marketing efforts.

Let’s talk about inbound marketing automation and the many other ways we can help you grow your business. Chat with a member of the Good Joo Joo team right now.