The one difference maker between flushing your ad dollars down the drain and getting a great return on them is insightful data, and with inbound marketing for e-commerce with HubSpot, you can gain access to the information needed to steer your company’s marketing efforts.

Here at Good Joo Joo, we proudly stand as a HubSpot Gold Partner agency, working with clients to leverage the full power of this popular marketing platform. As your inbound marketing agency of choice, our team will work closely with you to build a consistent brand, reach more people and convert that newfound attention into more revenue     .

Experience HubSpot marketing automation and reporting

HubSpot does a lot of things well. Automating workflows and providing insightful reporting on your audience are two big ones! Our staff can work with you to automate workflows so that you stay in communication with prospects in all phases of their life cycle with your company without having to do it manually.

Our inbound marketing for e-commerce with HubSpot is also guided by information gained through insightful reporting tools. These include:

  • Visitor tracking: You can track who is visiting your online store and what they are doing when they are there.

  • Lead intelligence: HubSpot uses information to determine which members of your audience are the closest to buying. By determining which leads are warmest, you can work on exploring ways to close those sales.

  • Social media monitoring: Our inbound marketing agency can monitor all of your social media metrics from one place with HubSpot. This empowers our team to let your business test out advertising on each channel, determine which ones are most effective and focus on those.

HubSpot provides tools that allow you to dial in your marketing efforts to achieve growth and unprecedented return on ad spend. We’re ready to work with you!

Consult with Good Joo Joo and let’s talk about inbound marketing for e-commerce with HubSpot!