If you sell products online, the team here at Good Joo Joo would like to show you the many benefits of inbound marketing for e-commerce with HubSpot.

Whether you use HubSpot on a daily basis in your business, or are interested in implementing this high-powered marketing platform, we stand as a HubSpot Gold Partner Agency and would love to show you how to leverage it for your company’s gain.

Team with a proven inbound marketing agency

Good Joo Joo has a knack for working with businesses belonging to the e-commerce space and helping them increase the return on ad spend thanks to explosive growth and sales. With a variety of inbound marketing methods — paid social media, content and email marketing, among others — we are able to help you.

  • Build a brand that reflects your values. All communication you put out to the public must be on-brand in order to provide a consistent experience for consumers. Through HubSpot marketing automation, you can automate workflows while carefully scrutinizing your content.

  • Provide effective and personal communication. It’s important to segment your audience and tailor your message to each segment instead of sticking to a generic script. HubSpot allows you to segment your audience based on the level of engagement with your business. You’ll be able to provide different messaging for a long-time customer compared with someone who filled up their cart once and never converted .

  • Build long-term loyalty. The goal of an e-commerce business isn’t to just get new faces in your digital doors for a one-time sale. With inbound marketing for e-commerce with HubSpot, you are able to nurture a long-term relationship with your clients, building a level of loyalty that businesses covet.

As your inbound marketing agency, Good Joo Joo will outfit you with a single account manager and provide you with weekly meetings and glimpses at ROI and ROAS reports so that you can stay in the know on how your marketing efforts are performing.

We LOVE growing businesses with inbound marketing for e-commerce with HubSpot! And, we’re ready to do it for you.