Mixpanel Audit

We love Mixpanel because you get the omni-channel communication options of a big time CRM with the metrics of a full time data analytics team.


is super powerful.

You want the metrics, but don't want have the bandwidth to run SQL queries all day. We get it. We often recommend this software for lean, mean app teams looking at early user data. Setting up Mixpanel will help inform your marketing strategy and automate your communications. It's a two for one deal.

I’ve had the chance to partner with Alexandria on multiple projects, and I’m always blown away by her incredible marketing wizardry and entrepreneurial spirit. She takes a personalized approach to all the work she does and isn’t afraid to get her hands dirty. I’ve watched her successfully help create, manage, and improve the digital footprint of the brands, organizations, and people with whom we’ve partnered.
— Tina Heileman, Founder at MAVN PR