Through the Shopify integration with HubSpot, our team at Good Joo Joo is ready to automate your marketing efforts and unlock the door to serious growth. We’ve done it for a long list of      clients that belong to the e-commerce industry and we’re ready to replicate that success for your business.

A leading resource for e-commerce integrations with HubSpot

At Good Joo Joo, we specialize in working with those that belong to the e-commerce space — particularly in the area of health and wellness. We’re also a trusted authority when it comes to working with HubSpot, a powerful marketing platform that brings together all of your marketing tools in one place.

As a HubSpot Gold Partner agency, Good Joo Joo is ready to help your e-commerce business fully leverage the many benefits that come with the HubSpot marketing automation platform.

The Shopify integration with HubSpot is quick, easy and highly valuable

With the help of Good Joo Joo, you can sync up your online store with HubSpot, arming your business with a full arsenal of marketing tools in addition to unlocking invaluable data that will allow you to identify your audience, track who is visiting your store, and what they are doing when they are there.

All this information comes in handy for crafting your messaging and creating segments in your audience so that you can provide a more personalized form of communication.

Automation is king!

The E-commerce integration with HubSpot means bringing automation to your marketing strategy. Through automated workflows, you can make sure that prospects at all different stages of their buying journey receive tailored messaging.

We’re ready to grow your business!

Good Joo Joo is ready to help you with Shopify integration for HubSpot. Let’s start with a      consultation.