then you see the results. Snapchat's new pixel is opening the doors to A LOT of Gen Z'ers.


that has a positive ROAS.

Marketers rejoice. Snapchat is finally playing ball with the rollout of the Snapchat Pixel. If you're on the beta or have SDK tracking, we can help... 

The GJJ team is supporting both e-commerce and app clients using the Snap ads platform. We've mastered the tricks of the trade as it is now and expect to learn more each day as Snap's Business Manager options evolve. Let us help you get off the ground (including making 10 second vertical video with a killer swipe up rate).


Alex was a crucial member of the launch team for our first app. She is a true utility player with a great understanding of a customer, the hustle to go get more customers and a deep understanding of the channels to do it within. Any organization would be lucky to have Alex’s skills in their arsenal.
— Blake Garrett, CEO Aceable