Good Joo Joo Founder, Alex Hart

Good Joo Joo Founder, Alex Hart

About Good Joo Joo

Good Joo Joo was born between the intersection of tech and wellness. Need help mapping out your cross-channel acquisition strategies? Cool. PR and influencer love for your latest event or product release? We speak that language too. 

We have evolved to represent a small, but strong group of leading edge clients in the technology and wellness space. Nothing gets us more excited than creating holistic marketing strategies that embody your brand on all channels and rally your audience to become brand advocates.

About Alex

After 3 years in the legal field, our founder Alex decided to ditch the heels and slacks. She took off to Malaysia to work on a passion project, a first of its kind meditation app, Omvana, that topped the iOS charts back before Headspace was a thing. 

Since returning to Austin, Alex has worked on projects of all growth stages including launching the consumer tech app Aceable and scaling marketing efforts for everyone's favorite hometown on-demand app, Favor, from 7 cities to 21.

Her main focus now is empower that small, but strong group of clients with all the Good Joo Joo marketing needed to propel their brand from good to the best.